About Josh

I've been creating things since I was a little kid.

I first started making speedboats and things out of Lego when I was 6, because my carpet in my room was blue. Or atleast it makes for a good reason, I can't actually remember what color it was.

When I got to college, I wanted to write. I still enjoy writing although I don't do much lately. I think at the time I wanted to be some sort of starving, tortured artist who drinks his demons away. That's not me anymore.

Still, I'm creating things all the time. I recently have created a podcast for fathers called Super Dad Show, so that together "hack" this thing of being a Dad and get better at it.

I like to sift through ruby and rails documentation in my spare time. I like to push code to github, talk on Twitter and make clients happy.

Whether it's learning to program, helping clients understand what their technical needs are or designing a user interface for an application, I love all things technical and challenging.

I'm not one of those people who tells themself that they can't do something. I fight through stuff. What I may lack, I am aware of and can augment it by working with other people and getting the job done.