EBDS HealthStyle Navigator Animation

Duties and Tasks I Performed:

Storyboard and animation in After Effects


We needed to put something together that featured the product that we were building. We were having a launch party, and we had this playing in the background on a projector.


The requirement was to make something that was eye catching but not distracting from the event itself. I used Marketing materials and other print collateral to get the overall message we were trying to convey.

I quickly storyboarded my keyframes. I’d done Flash animations before so it was fairly easy to get an understanding of how I wanted it to flow.


This was my first foray into After Effects and I wasn't terribly familiar with it. I did this in about a week, along with other kinds of marketing collateral for the event. All in all, I think that the piece is successful, but seeing it years later, there's things I would change about it. I'm still pretty proud of it.

About EBDS HealthStyle Navigator Animation

A Marketing animation for a featured product we were launching soon. We wanted to show main features as well as give an overview of how the application worked.

Areas of Expertise
Animation Creative Direction Exhibition Design