eRAD did a branding update last year, and needed a website that matched their new look. Their previous website was static and had some hurdles that made it unusable and didn't scale to what the business needs were.


These business needs were:

  1. Be easily maintained by a variety of marketing people.
  2. Be used as a tool for the Sales team to handle inbound customer leads.
  3. Act as a repository for Sales materials, moving away from printed materials that were costly and creating web-ready PDFs in their place.
  4. Be able to be updated very quickly, as the information neeed to be updated on a quarterly basis.

We kicked off a meeting with the Sales team, Technical Team and Marketing Team to do the following:

  1. Figure out what the scope would be for version 1 of the site relaunch.
  2. Figure out who eRAD's audience was, and how to market to them.
  3. Find a solution that would fit the technical needs of the organization.
  4. Feature a lot of the vendors and customers that we have within the Radiology space, which would bolster our credibility within the market segment.
  5. This website was mandated by the executive team to be responsive, for mobile, tablet and desktop.

Content Structure and Site Map:

In our initial discovery meetings we found that we had two types of audiences: technical people who maitained the solutions that eRAD provided and Marketing people and Executives who usually were the ones who made the purchasing decisions for the organization.We focused on the latter audience first, designing a product page structure that allowed for content to both audiences, with main content for marketing and an "Under the Hood" section for technical decision makers.We brainstormed product, service and capability solutions that eRAD offered and build the site map and information architecture around that content.

Find the right Content Management System

I was tasked with finding a content management system which would allow for flexibility of content, as well as a professional look and feel to match the brand. We ended up going with Wordpress as the CMS, as it allowed for customization of the content with Custom Post Types, as well as allowing us to extend functionality with a variety of off the shelf plugins and a robust community which helped us to scale the site quickly.

Create the Aesthetic, Extend the Brand 

I created the main structure of the site in Illustrator, using different breakpoints and designing wireframes to get buy in from upper management along the design process before we went into development. 

Write a clear RFP, work with outside developers.

I then created an RFP and worked with a developer on building out the site.Help steer the content creation I then handled aspects of project management, image production, PDF creation and content input with my fellow Web Marketing team.

About Redesign

Launch a responsive web redesign of a company within RadNet, that focuses on good content, lead generation for sales and a well designed experience across different web-enabled devices.

Areas of Expertise
Interaction Design UI/UX Web Design