Highmark Provider Directory Search for Mobile

Duties and Tasks I Performed:

Information Architecture, planning, prototyping, interaction design, informal testing.


Highmark was launching a customer facing mobile application and they needed to incorporate searching the provider directory of doctors, dentists, optometrists and pharnacies all within one application.

What made this a challenge, not only in information and making a good user experience for the end user, was that all four provider directories were seperate.


I looked at the data elements that I had to work with and tried to find commonalities to make the application easier to use and have multiple controls behave the same way.

I found that alot of the directories were very similar, in that you needed to input your location via zip code. We realized that the context of use could be anywhere, and knowing that mobile devices have geolocation, I added that into the application so that there would be one less thing to think about before you had to get to the information.

By simplifying the results table and eliminating unnecessary interactions we were able to make a similar experience data-wise to the desktop, but better because it was easier to use.

About Highmark Provider Directory Search for Mobile

Tasked with designing search functionality that would include 4 seperate provider directories, that was then incorporated into a mobile application for iPhone.

Areas of Expertise
Interaction Design UI/UX Web Design