Super Dad Show Podcast and Website

Duties and Tasks I Performed:

Wordpress Implementation, podcast recording, responsive site design, site creation, web analytics, art direction. 


My wife and I had just had a baby. I had NO IDEA how to really be a father, and I wanted to create a community around that. One year and 26,000 downloads in 105 different countries and we're still going strong!


I knew that instead of reading a bunch of parenting books, I could create a community around a show that could be delivered weekly or every other week that would fulfill the same need not only for me but for other people too.

I partnered with Shaun Noon, a fellow parent and designer who helped design the logo and helps set the tone of the show.  We scour the web for relevant parenting topics, bring our own experiences into the mix, talk about how old and tired we are, and basically have fun. 

Through the course of doing this show, I've learned about how I want to be as a parent, web analytics, podcast stats, marketing, responsive web design, sound engineering, hardware and mixer configurations and many many more and continue to learn new things everyday.

About Super Dad Show Podcast and Website

Super Dad Show is a weekly podcast created by me, that helps fellow Dads navigate the waters of parenting. And laugh... so much laughing!

Areas of Expertise
Sound Design UI/UX Web Design