Translational Research and Clinical Practice Book Cover

Duties and Tasks I Performed:

Layout, Design, Typesetting, Project Management, Logo Design


My Dad was writing this book, and didn't want to have it look like every other medical text book on the shelves so he tasked me with creating something that was different from the norm.


I wanted to create something symbolic of the process of gathering evidence and the approach of evidence based medicine.

I came up with that shape of a circle, or an idea or hypothesis with arrows circling around it to be the pieces of evidence to support a course of treatment, or non treatment in some cases depending on risk of the patient.

I used that as a design element, and went with a simple and similar typeface to give a clean look. I went with a triadic 2 color scheme to create a bold look that would stand out on the shelf against more mundane and bland medical textbooks.

About Translational Research and Clinical Practice Book Cover

I was tasked with taking a somewhat complex subject matter of evidence based medicine and making a book cover that would stand out against the crowd of similar textbooks.

Areas of Expertise
Art Direction Graphic Design Icon Design